"Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else."  - V. Ravikumar

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As someone wedded to the old-fashioned techniques of "random" dating, I was initially hesitant to use a matchmaking service.  After meeting with Holly, however, I completely changed my mind.  Her warmth, caring attitude, and expertise in the field of interpersonal relations won me over, and I was not disappointed.  Due to her efforts I met a wonderful, accomplished woman of high character whom I would never have otherwise encountered in the course of my life.  Holly is truly fabulous! I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation."

- Al B., US Government Service, San Francisco, CA

Update: "I can't say enough about how great it was to work with Dr. Holly! I learned how to say yes to the right person and to listen to myself and really understand how I felt. I now have a terrific partner and I wouldn't have been the right person for this marvelous woman without the work I did with Dr. Holly."

"Dr. Holly rocks! She is warm, practical, intuitive, insightful and incredibly supportive throughout what can often be a challenging process.  In early 2017, Holly first guided me through an in-depth analysis of the traits, qualities, physical and personality characteristics of the partner I was looking for.  This process helped me get clear about who I wanted to be matched with.  When Holly found a match for me, she coached me to understand how I felt about my date and how to respectfully and politely learn from my date what I needed to know to move forward.  Each of my matches spoke very highly of Dr. Holly, were impressed by her skill and were thus in a great frame of mind when we first met.  I'm delighted with the entire process and strongly recommend Dr. Holly Battey!!"

- Tom S., Broker, San Rafael, CA

Update: "Dr. Holly has introduced me to the highest caliber men I’ve ever dated.  I’m very impressed and am now convinced there really are commitment-minded men seeking love!"

“I recently hired Dr. Holly because I am committed to finding my soulmate and she is committed to helping me.  She quickly assessed my love life and offered many fresh, practical solutions.  Her wardrobe, hair, and make-up advice have tremendously benefitted my love life and landed me dates and auditions as an actress.  I have received more compliments on my appearance since working with her than ever before in my life.  Dr. Holly also helped me craft my online dating profile and coached me to effectively communicate with suitors when the emotional stakes were highest.  Additionally, her great instincts actually protected me, smoking out a conman posed as a suitor within 24 hours.  Dr. Holly inspires hope and gives her whole heart and soul to her clients. Her coaching has been utterly invaluable to me--which is why I'm now a matchmaking client!

- NH, Actress, San Francisco, CA

"I'm always striving to be better in every aspect of my life and have always seen myself as self sufficient, yet I found I wasn't making as much progress as I felt I could be.  I took a leap of faith, hired Dr. Holly, and am so grateful I did.  She guided and empowered me to require more from life and love.  I now have greater confidence and what's showing up in my love life is worthy of my time and heart.  Looking back on the decision now, I can't believe I even hesitated in hiring Dr. Holly.  It was one of the best decisions I made in 2015 and is my most powerful tool for manifesting a fantastic 2016.  She has supported me immensely--more than I can put into words--and her guidance and encouragement have been a blessing to my psyche and my soul."

- AW, Senior Mortgage Banker, Las Vegas, NV

"Dr. Holly coached me through a few of the most difficult times in my life--battling cancer, undergoing surgery and treatment, facing the fear of a potential metastatic diagnosis, and ultimately surviving.  While working together I've experienced 2 significant breakthroughs--defining my life's direction and improved communication with my spouse.  She also helped me discover, focus, and remain committed to my priorities, helping me overcome roadblocks to my educational progress.  I now feel more confident making decisions, prioritizing my needs, and am completing the degree I've wanted for over 20 years!"

- LJS, Seiad Valley, CA

Honestly, it was tough to accept that I needed help from someone I hardly knew.  Growing up, I was taught to only rely on myself and family and that psychology was for the weak.  I never wanted to be seen as weak.  After working with Dr. Holly, I now view seeking help as a strength and I feel more confident in myself and my relationships.  I was always scared I would screw up.  Not anymore.  I was always scared I wasn't good enough.  Thankfully, I beat that and have no such fears.  Dr. Holly listened, heard me, and used my strengths to build upon my weakness.  She made me realize that relationships, whether with a lover or friend, need to be a two-way street.  My faith and spirituality are very important to me and I love that she used my relationship with God to help me understand life.  I highly recommend Dr. Holly, as she is good at what she does.  Plain and simple.

- PO, Software Architect, PayPal, San Francisco, CA

“Being a hard working single man, I've always found it a challenge adapting myself outside the scope of my work.  Finding a suitable partner comes with challenges that are sometimes difficult to face on your own.  Holly assisted me in overcoming these obstacles to become more confident and to take my personal life seriously.  She knows how to make an individual more attractive for a potential partner.  Afterward I feel more like a gentleman with higher self-confidence and ready to share my life with someone.  Without Holly I would never have succeeded to the same degree."

- MS, Walnut Creek, CA

“I'd never been to a relationship coach before, and didn't know what to expect. After my session with Holly, I'm more confident about building relationships and how to present myself online. I liked how easy Holly made it to open up and talk with her. If you need help with relationships, Holly is a great person to go to!”

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